Victorian interior design, never heard about it?

Victorian interior design with empty wall? No way….
A Picasso would be perfect for it!

Victorian interior design

Victorian interior design; courtesy of bgliving

But The Victorians simply couldn’t settle on putting a painting and hence brought the era of wallpapers, from 1837 to 1901. Flowery wallpaper, colorful wallpaper, random patterns ranging from flora and fauna to geometric designs, adding fabrics and accessories, they experimented till extremes. Thinking about it all might seem excessive to us today but it was a very comfortable decorating style in that era. The overcrowded, the somber grays, using consequent colors from the color wheel as analogy and opposites from color wheel as contrasts is what Victorians loved. Romance, Opulence, Color, Pattern is what this era was all about.

It was the era where the decoration of a room was not just that, but a status. A bare room was considered lack of taste. People believed their home to be a representation of their pay scale. More the number of items and more the room is filled up, higher will be the status. An opportunity for the upper class to flaunt their wealth and kick up the desires of the middle class. During this era, the Industrial Revolution led to a cheap rate production of items hence making it affordable for the middle class, for the very first time the middle class could think of spending on home decor. A wider audience led to a wider success.

Living room with victorian style

Living room with victorian style; courtesy of freshome

During that time there was not much option in furniture, but instead of laying back and going with a traditional approach to limit oneself in what they have the Victorians modified various styles from different periods. The Rococo and Gothic relived in this era. Few of the well known designers of this era were Tiffany, Christian Herter, Dresser and Walter Crane.

victorian house colors

victorian house colors; courtesy of impressiveinteriordesign

The Victorian interior design palette had sophisticated colors with a focus on tertiary colors. They had more of grays and creams and shades of teal, gold, mustard yellow and dirty hues. Such colors had never been used before this era. And of course the Victorians used a luxurious range of fabrics and accessories, silks, velvet, lace, chinoiserie, chenille, leather, tassels and tiebacks, lampas, and semi sheers. These luxurious romantic will fabrics tempt you and make you fall in love with what you see.

The Victorian design has not died; many still love it and follow the same approach in interior. Though in today’s time a lot of modification had been done. More lightings and darker shades are used, marble and wood are used to give an old authentic feel, new patterns and digital printings are the add-ons, and of course a wider range of fabrics and accessories are available now making this decor more fun and vibrant. The modern Victorian approach also focuses on flooring, matching it with the walls. The furniture is also perfectly crafted to fit in the design, printed sofas, dining tables with antique wooden finish. The bedrooms are given an English country theme. The Victorian design is complex and beautiful at the same time. But it could the best of the choice many people would go for their interior design.