Furnace Prices Increase As The Weather Gets Colder, So Buy Early

furnace illustration

furnace illustration

Furnaces or some type of heating system are required in buildings, especially in housing. A fireplace is not necessarily enough. Whether the home uses electric or gas heating, there is usually a furnace involved, unless the home has one of those wall heaters like you find in hotels — those are pretty much self-contained and plug into the wall, instead of having any connections to a separate furnace. Regardless, furnaces are a necessary part of staying comfortable and safe during cold weather. Without a working furnace, you could face some issues depending on where you live. Mild, temperate areas might not present such a problem.

You could probably get away with bundling up for a couple of days as you wait for the furnace repair contractor to show up. In colder areas, though, the lack of a furnace or other heating system is dangerous. In those situations, you would have to get to a hotel or a friend’s house if you did not have a secondary source of heat. When shopping for furnaces, furnace prices can often surprise people. The prices fluctuate depending on demand and on the weather, with furnace prices being lower when the weather is hot. In summer, furnaces are not needed, and stores and contractors often lower the price so that the furnaces will move quickly, hopefully to people looking for a deal early on in the year.

This clears store shelves and company stockrooms, leaving more space for things that sell better in summer. When the weather cools down, the furnace prices can rise because now there is more demand. As cold weather sets in, more people go searching for heaters and new furnaces, increasing demand and competition. Contractor appointments to have new furnaces installed become harder to get, too. As winter continues, suppliers can stop keeping so many on hand, and home improvement centers can run out. Getting a new furnace in hotter weather is actually a better idea. Because there is less of a demand, furnaces in home improvement centers are cheaper, and contractors might have lower prices on the furnaces and on installation. It will also be easier to get an appointment from a heating contractor — keep in mind that if the contractor also works on air conditioning systems, he or she might be very busy in summer, too — as they will have fewer appointments, if heating is all they work on. Remember that you get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and furnaces are no exception, although sometimes you can find furnace prices that are just too high to be believed. Furnace prices that are extremely cheap — and not on sale — or that are extremely expensive should be eyed carefully.

As you look at more and more furnaces, you will begin to see what the prices of the furnaces indicate regarding features and quality. Check out reviews, too, of course. When you have a better idea of what furnace prices are like and what you can expect from a furnace that you have paid a certain price for, you will be better able to choose one that fits your needs. Once you have purchased the furnace, the heating contractor you are working with can install it as well. If you are buying a furnace from a home improvement center, many of those centers have labor deals, where employees of the center can install the unit for you. If the furnace is gas, do not install it yourself unless you have prior experience working professionally with furnaces and gas — really, that is a situation in which you need a professional to do the work. Even electric furnaces should be installed by professionals in order to avoid a wiring accident.